KAFF & KOFF Single Pong Yang Origin


KAFF & KOFF: carefully selected from quality Arabica to the aroma and rich teste in kaff & koff coffee style Experience the rich taste and aroma as an identity of kaff & koff, the roasted Arabica coffee with aroma, another product under management of Alpine Golf Resort Chiangmai Form selection of Arabica from Single Pong Yang Origin. Careful selection of organic coffee from new coffee growing sources, passing the clean and standard processing to the roasting process which uses the best coffee roaster as Probat generaing output in various formulars satisfying customers, and giving the roasted coffee which rich taste and aroma as an identity. It si roasted by skilled roaster to obtain the true roasted Arabica Kaff & Koff coffee in bean and grinded from which is fresh, aromatic, delicious aroma and full-flavor for all those who is passionate in coffee.

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Assuming it works well and your coffee beans are fresh, this method should produce a delicious cup of coffee. The main advantages of this option are its ease and speed. Coffee is mostly water, so use good-quality tap water or filtered water.

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